SX16 R4 – Oakland

Jan. 30, 2016

Overstock.Com Coliseum – Oakland, CA


Tommy Hahn. 17th. 56.482 sec

(Top Time) Ryan Dungey 53.815 sec



Tommy got a good jump off the gate and took a tight line around the first turn but got bottled up on the second turn and was pushed back in 8th on the first lap. Running consistent laps, Tommy was in the middle of a Weimer, Pourcel, Brayton battle and finished in 7th.



With a very competitive field, getting a good start and clean first lap is essential to finishing top 4 in the semi. Tommy got another tight first turn to stay out of trouble but again got bottled up in the first couple of sections. Running in 6th on the first lap, Tommy fought his way to 5th and then dropped back to 7th but later came back up to 6th at the flag.



One last chance to make the main, and Tommy didn’t get a good start in 6th. Quickly moving up to 4th in a transfer spot, Tommy was getting closer to Enticknap in 3rd but Pourcel was coming up fast. For two laps Pourcel hounded Tommy for 4th, and on the last lap Pourcel jumped past Tommy and Enticknap. Half a lap left, Tommy closed in on Enticknap and dove deep in the last corner to block pass but came up half a bike length short to transfer. Bummer Tommy didn’t qualify for Oakland SX as he’s was running good consistent laps but the starts are really critical in the heat races.

Onward to Glendale, AZ . . .

Go Tommy Go . . .


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