SX16 R1 – Anaheim

JAN. 9, 2016
Angels Stadium – Anaheim, CA

A1 2016 CycleTrader Hauler

CycleTrader/RockRiver Hauler in for A1  (VitalMX photo)


a1-Q 450 TH47Early Qualifying Session – Tommy Hahn 47 – 1:05.957

Final Qualifying:

22 – Tommy Hahn 47  – 1:05.504

Top Qualifier: Trey Canard 41 – 1:00.999

HEAT # 1

Starting in mid pack, Tommy worked his way into 11th by the checkered flag. Going into the semi 2 race, he’ll get more track time but will need to get a better start.

SEMI # 2

Tommy finished two spots out of a transfer in 7th. The track is holding up good with minimal ruts developing despite the wet weather earlier in the week.

A1 LCQ - Hahn brothers take the first turn (Racers Cudby photo)

A1 LCQ – Hahn brothers take the first turn (Racers Cudby photo)


Tommy made took some clever inside lines to fight his way into 4th by the first lap behind Wil Hahn, Friese, and Australian Bopping. Having to get fouth to transfer, Tommy was getting faster trying to chase down Bopping in second after Friese stalled-out. Finishing a solid 3rd to transfer, Tommy needs to get a good start and stay out of first turn trouble in the main.

Tommy during A1 main (TransworldMX photo)

Tommy during A1 main (TransworldMX photo)


The first twenty laps in 2016 are in the record books, and Tommy placed 20th in his first 450 main event in several years. With the highly competitive field, making up time after getting shuffled in the pack is a daunting task. After the restart, Tommy was running in 16-17th place ahead of his brother Wil for most of the main. Finishing 20th gained him 1 point, which doesn’t sound like much, but in the course of the 17 round series, every point counts. Consitantcy in scoring points in each round is crucial in this year’s deep field. Just getting into the main will be a challenge and have the opportunity to earn any points. It’s gonna be a long, grulling season, but ripe with opportunity to earn more points.

450 Main Event
1. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)
2. Ryan Dungey (KTM)
3. Cole Seely (Honda)
4. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)
5. Ken Roczen (Suzuki)
6. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
7. Trey Canard (Honda)
8. Davi Millsaps (KTM)
9. Dean Wilson (KTM)
10. Justin Brayton (KTM)
11. Broc Tickle (Suzuki)
12. Jacob Weimer (Kawasaki)
13. Justin Bogle (KTM)
14. Marvin Musquin (KTM)
15. Justin Barcia (Yamaha)
16. Mike Alessi (Honda)
17. Wil Hahn (Kawasaki)
18. Christophe Pourcel (Husqvarna)
19. Kyle Chisholm (Honda)
20. Tommy Hahn (Yamaha)
21. Lawson Bopping (Yamaha)
22. James Stewart (Suzuki)

Next week – San Diego at the Petco Park Stadium.

Go Tommy Go . . .

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