2016 A1 Preview

January 9th is only a few days away and Tommy with his new CycleTrader.com/RockRiver/Yamaha team is working hard to prepare for the opening round of the 2016 Supercross Series.

Until today, the weather has been clear and sunny in southern California. Perfect for testing and training. With steady rain fall today and a forecast of a wet race day, the team’s preparation work load has taken on a focus of equipment survival. During wet and muddy race conditions, a good race finish boils down to being able to finish.

Tommy is looking good on the #47  CycleTrader.com/RockRiver/Yamaha and the team just added a new sponsor, EVS Sports providing the team with a full line of protective gear, including helmets and knee protection.


Racerx/Brown Dog Wilson photo

This year’s Supercross field is deep with talent and well funded teams. Tommy Hahn & CycleTrader.com/RockRiver/Yamaha are no exception. 17 rounds is a long racing season, testing both man and machine to the limit. Being consistent at qualifying and surviving the first turn may lay will be key to a good result in the overall standings.

Good Luck Tommy on the new racing season and we’ll be cheering you on . . . Go Tommy Go !


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