A1 Race Report – Qualifying 21st position / Heat# 2 – 7th position / Final in 14th

A1 Track overhead view (racerx Hansel photo)

A1 Track overhead view (racerx Hansel photo)

A1 Race Report – Qualifying

Tommy put in solid laps in B group qualifying by setting the second best time in his group at 58.3 seconds in 9 laps.

Final combined qualifing standings: Tommy in 21st position for tonights race.

Complete qualifying results link: Click here

Now he needs to get solid starts and stay out of trouble during the heat race #2


Tommy got a mid-pack start and worked his way inside the top 10. In the short race, Tommy finished a solid 7th place to qualify to the main directly. Excellent start in his first 250 sx race since 2008.

À1 250 Heat #2 results

À1 250 Heat #2 results


Off the line, Tommy got stuck in the pack after the first couple of corners. Running 20th for the early laps, Tommy worked hard throughout the main to finish in 14th. The track was more single lined and hard to make-up time. Looking forward to Phoenix next weekend.

tommy Hahn, Honda, supercross,MotoSport

Tommy Hahn’s 130 bike (vitalmx guy b photo)

Go Tommy Go . . .

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