Tommy’s back for 2015 . . . !

tommy hahn 250 for 2015

Tommy’s New Ride for 2015 (racerx photo)

Announced today, Tommy will team up with Fredrik Noren on the Racing team for 2015.

Tommy Hahn & Noren on Team for 2015 (RacerX reporting)

Tommy will race the 250 West SX series and the 250 MX Nationals and Noren will race the 450 SX / MX series. It’s been since 2008 that Tommy has raced in the 250 class but he’s looking fit and trim as ever preparing to get back into racing full time.

With Honda factory support, this team should be well equipped to challenge for great results in 2015.

Keep you eye out for more Thahn news as we get closer to the start of the new racing season.



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