Looking Back . . . 2012 Season

The sport of Motocross is tough enough on the body, but racing for 7th place or better just to get paid is a very hard life.

Tommy Hahn holeshot Moto 1at Thunder Vvalle (vurbmoto photo)

Tommy Hahn holeshot Moto 1at Thunder Valley (vurbmoto photo)

I created this web site to chronicle Tommy Hahn’s  2012 season, not knowing it would be his last, but more as a web design / wordpress / mx journalism project. I chose him as a subject because he always been a favorite of mine, but also I saw him show up at A1 supercross as a true privateer without much support. There he was #32 racing against the big teams and thought a racing web site would give him some exposure.

However, after he broke his leg early in the supercross season, I thought my GoTommyGo project was dead. Later on he was picked up by Honda to do the nationals in place of Trey Canard. However,  it wasn’t until half way in the season that we learned his racing contract with Honda was all performance/results based leading to a tough road ahead for the veteran racer.

The Moto: Inside the Outdoor video (Season 4, Ep. 1) gave an insight as to what was really going on beyond the race day activities.

In 2012, on the factory Honda, he only was paid by Honda if he placed 7th or better. He had great equipment and support for the outdoor races, but things happen during a race that are out of your control that really affect your results . . . and income.

Hangtown, Tommy finishes 8 – 27 for 14th overall . . . no bonus money.

Freestone, Tommy finishes 9 – 7 for 7th overall . . . Payday!

Thunder Valley,  Tommy holeshots the 1st moto and is on pace to a top 5 finish, then he gets hit by a rock and breaks his finger. Poof . . . no money for a DNF, and he misses the next 3 rounds . . no bonus money for a month.

Tommy comes back to race Millville but has allergic reaction after 1st moto and cannot start moto 2 . . . 11th place overall, again no bonus money.

Tommy comes back swinging at Washougal, finishes 7 – 7 for 6th overall . . . finally a PAYDAY since round 2!

Southwick, he has a great 1st moto, finishes 3rd.  2nd moto, he crashes out while running in top 5 and finishes 10th overall, no bonus money.

T Hahn_washougal mx_pract34_transworldmx photo

T Hahn during practice (transworldmx photo)

He never makes it to the remaining outdoor rounds because of his practice crash and broken neck in TX . . . again no money for the rest of the year.

Continue racing MX for nothing or make an actual living doing something else . . . I hate to see him retire early, but you can’t fault the guy for going after a steady paycheck.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the racing world. One moto your at your best, the next you’re being carried off the track on a backboard.

It would be great to see him at one race this year, maybe Southwick ! He’s very fast in the sand. Who knows . . . ?

Hahn in 4th in Qualifying at Southwick (supercross.com photo)

Hahn 4th in Qualifying at Southwick (supercross.com photo)

That gives me an idea for a new web project . . . Bring back Tommy !

Go Tommy Go . . .

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