Will Tommy’s 2012 performance lead to a 2013 ride or Retirement . . . ?

2013 season is fast approaching and Tommy has had some great motos from the 2012 Motocross season and mixed Supercross results but will it land him a solid ride on a team for 2013?

Tommy Hahn 32 - Southwick 2012 (Honda Photo)

It looks like 2013 is going to be a separate Supercross and Motocross deal for many riders. With the resurgence of the popularity of the MX nationals from live tv coverage, the outdoor series is getting more attention by the factory teams & their sponsors which means they need a solid rider that can race both series, or two riders whom can specialize in each series. The teams that race both series will need a fill-in rider at some point during the year as injuries are common especially during the early part of the supercross season when men and machine are getting dialed-in.

Since the outdoor series is during the summer months, riders with long term injuries from the supercross season have a chance to pick-up rides for later in the year. After breaking his leg early in the supercross season, Tommy later had a golden opportunity with a full factory Honda ride for the 2012 outdoor season when Trey Canard was injured at 2012 Dodger SX. What turned sour as a privateer, Tommy’s talent and relationship with Honda was a perfect opportunity for both to compete competitively in the mx season.

2012 Team Muscle Milk Honda - Tommy Hahn 32

2012 Team Muscle Milk Honda – Tommy Hahn 32

Both the supercross and motocross seasons are very tough schedule on the riders and teams. The teams seem to evolve out of necessity as the season progresses. In one missed triple, or mistake in the whoops can take out a top rider in a heart beat. The top teams have commitments to their sponsors to have their logo / bike out on the track racing not just on the sideline signing autographs. Fill-in riders have been the norm for years in keeping teams racing each weekend, and older, more experienced racers, like Tommy, are a good choice to keep the teams lined up at the startingline.

Tommy Hahn_sepia-texture_tmphotoart_cudby_photo

Tommy’s new 2013 race number of #58 might not be ever used in the 2013 season as he is looking at other endeavors beyond racing. In a Transworld MX interview (Tommy Hahn’s Summer of Hell #2) , Tommy describes his desire to take up flying private jet planes like his father, and other family members. Contemplating retirement from racing at age 26 is not an easy decision, especially when he has had some great outdoor motos in 2012, that I am sure, drive him to keep trying. Racing at the top level takes a lot of money and support, and with the limited amount of top racing teams in 2013, it makes getting a ride even harder, let alone earn a living. There might be rides on decent teams, but no salary, only performance bonus’. One injury can take you out for the year and leave you high & dry financially.

You never know what may transpire, a ride might be available for Tommy by January, or a fill-in jig might be possible later in the new year. In the TW interview, Tommy sounded optimistic and confident in his direction either way, whether it’s racing or not, he’s preparing for next chapter in his life.

Let’s hope he gets picked up for many more seasons to come . . . Go Tommy Go !


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