2012 450 MX National – Southwick Round 9

August 11, 2012
Lucas Oil Pro Motocross National – Round 9 -Moto-X 338, Southwick, NE

Hahn in 4th in Qualifying at Southwick (supercross.com photo)

THahn32  – 4th in Qualifying at Southwick (supercross.com photo)

Tommy Hahn (32) Muscle Milk Honda
Qualified: 4 out of  85
Qualifying Time: 1:57.922
Top Qualifying Time: 1:57.325  by Broc Tickle (25) Kaw

Tommy was on the lead time during qualifying setting his best time of 1:57.922. Only Tickle, Dungey and Rattray were able to better Tommy’s time in the session. Backing up his qualifying from Washougal, Tommy showed speed in Southwick’s sandy conditions.

horz bar - moto one - outline-th32

1)   R. Dungey (5) KTM
2)   M. Alessi (800) Suz
3)   T. Hahn (32) Hon
4)   R. Marshall (85) KTM
5)   A. Short (29) Hon
6)   B. Tickle (25) Kaw
7)   D. Milsaps (18) Yam
8)   J. Grant (33) Kaw
9)   M. Brown (3) KTM
10)   J. Dowd (16) Kaw

Moto#1  Lap Times:
(Best Time) R. Dungey (5) 1:59.082 (Lap 1)  (Moto Average 2:04.312)
T. Hahn (32) 2:00.729 (Lap 1)  (Moto Average 2:06.218)

Moto #1 – Notes:
Tommy got a good start in 5th but did better coming through the pack in the opening laps to secure third position. Running a consistent pace, Tommy was able to finish on the podium for the first time since 2009. With emotional podium comments, Tommy was proud to be in the spotlight again and looking forward to a strong finish in moto 2.

Full Lap Chart   2012 450 MX Round 8  – Moto 1  Lap Chart  Click to view

Southwick Start - Moto 1 (vurbmoto photo)

Southwick Start – Moto 1 (vurbmoto photo)

T Hahn_southwick12_450_29 (transworldmx photo)

Tommy Hahn finished a solid 3rd in Moto 1 at Southwick (transworkdmx photo)

hahn_southwick-moto-1_podium_insidermx photo
Tommy Hahn Southwick Moto-1 podium (insidermx photo)

horz bar - moto two - outline-th32

1)   T. Rattray (28) Kaw
2)   R. Dungey (5) KTM
3)  M. Alessi (800) Suz
4)   B. Tickle (25) Kaw
5)   M. Byrne (26) Suz
6)   D. Milsaps (18) Yam
7)   M. Brown (3) KTM
8)   J. Grant (33) Kaw
9)   K. Chisholm (11) Kaw
10)  L. Smith (46) KTM

DNF) T. Hahn (32) Hon

Moto#2  Lap Times:
(Best Time) R. Dungey (5) 2:00.584 (Lap 2)  (Moto Average) 2:06.554
T. Hahn (32)   2:03.568 (Lap 2)  (Moto average) 2:26.063

Moto #2 – Notes:
Another top 8 start in the second moto, and Tommy was looking good for another top 3 finish. He quickly was in third by lap 4. However, on the same lap as Dungey’s mishap, Tommy went down hard on lap 7. He hit his head and was dizzy to the point he could not continue in moto 2. A costly DNF at the time when Tommy was running strong at the top of the field.

Full Lap Chart   2012 450 MX Round 8  – Moto 2  Lap Chart  Click to view

moto 2 first turn_southwick_vurbmoto photo

moto 2 first turn_southwick (vurbmoto photo)

T Hahn_southwick12_450_08 (transworldmx photo)

T Hahn 32 during Moto 2 at Southwick (Transworld MX photo)

Overall – Notes:
3 – 35 moto finishes for 10th overall position on the day and earing 20 points was uplifting and promising to better races to come. Tommy’s quickest lap time in moto 2 was the third fastest behind Dungey and Alessi. He has top 5 speed but needs to put together a solid two moto finish. Holing at 15th position in the championship, Tommy has maintained his position but with only three rounds remaining he needs to finish both motos to score maximum points. *Recent news of shoulder / neck injury while practicing for Unadilla has put a halt on his national season.
See Late Breaking . . . for more details.

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Current Series Standings  2012 450 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross – Series Results  Click to view

2012 Southwick  Race PhotosClick to See Race Gallery

Tommy - Southwick (insidermx.com photo)

Tommy – Southwick (insidermx.com photo)


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