Late Breaking . . . Injury Status

Tommy Hahn is still on the mend from the broken finger he sustained in Colorado. He missed Round 4 at High Point, and Round 5 at Budds Creek. Tommy will also miss Round 6 at Red Bud and drop down below top 20 in the championship point standings. Currently Tommy has 39 points, in 17 position.

Round 7 is in Spring Creek, Millville, MN on 7/14 . . . maybe he can be healed up by that race.

Tommy Hahn_sepia-texture_tmphotoart_cudby_photo

The season is half way over, and Tommy needs to put some more points on the board, and show some strong finishes to earn a solid ride for 2013.

We wish TH32 a speedy recovery, and faster finishes . . . . Go Tommy Go!


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