Looking Back . . . Tommy Hahn’s 1st 450 National Win

Looking back to 2009, I found a tribute to Tommy Hahn’s first 450 MX National win at Steel City.

Tommy Hahn - 2009 Glen Helen National

Tommy Hahn – 2009 Glen Helen National (tmphotoart.com photo)

The title sponsor, MotoSport Hillsboro Dealership, was so proud of their first national win that they have placed Tommy’s #48 winning Kawasaki on display with a photo backdrop of the team’s podium commemorating their historic win.

2009 Tommy Hahn's Steel City Win

2009 Tommy Hahn’s Steel City Win

2009 #48 Tommy's 450 KX - dealer floor display

They also have on display one of Tommy’s #48 450 KX on the dealer floor.

Here’s the link to the full gallery of their moto history.

Hillsboro Motorcycles Header

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2009 Supercross.com interview with Tommy Hahn after his Steel City win and his thoughts about finishing 5th overall in the 2009 AMA 450 MX Championship.

Click on the Steel City photo to read the Tommy Hahn full interview.

Click to read 2009 Tommy Hahn interview

2009 Steel City 450 National – Tommy Hahn holeshot


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