Looking Back . . . 2012 Thunder Valley National

What started as a windy motocross race, the 2012 Thunder Valley Pro Motocross National proved to be a bitter sweet race for Tommy Hahn this year. In the past nationals at this hilly, high altitude track in Lakewood, Colorado, Tommy seemed to have solid past results on his side.

tommy hahn 2012 thundervalley (supercross.com photo)

tommy hahn flying in the 1st moto at Thunder Valley (supercross.com photo)

A picture perfect holeshot to last a life time . . .

The long uphill start at Thunder Valley requires horsepower, especially in the thin air, and Tommy’s #32 Muscle Milk Honda had plenty of power to out run everyone to the first turn. Combined with his quick reaction time, the #32 machine bolted past the entire field as they raced uphill.

450 Moto One 1st Turn at Thunder Valley (Racerx-Cudby photo)

Tommy Hahn Holeshot Moto One at Thunder Valley (Racerx-Cudby photo)

hahn lakewood-1st moto holeshot_supercross-com-photo

Tommy Hahn with holeshot in Moto 1 (Supercross.com photo)

Tommy hahn lakewood-1st moto holeshot_transworldmx-photo

Tommy Hahn with perfect holeshot at Thunder Valley (transworldmx photo)


As in golf, all your bad shots are forgotten with that one “sweet” xtra-long drive, or the put that drops in so perfect that you can’t stop thinking about that sound of it dropping in. Tommy’s 1st moto holeshot in Thunder Valley will be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately, his luck ran out by the 11th lap and he couldn’t finish the moto due to a broken finger sustained from a flying rock.

tommy hahn with broken finger-thunder valley (vitalmx-guyb photo)

Tommy’s broken finger Thunder Valley (Vitalmx-GuyB photo)

Bones will heal, but holeshots like these last a lifetime in the mind of a racer.

Tommy Hahn holeshot Moto 1 in Thunder Valley (Vitalmx-guyb photo)

Perfect holeshot Moto 1 in Thunder Valley (Vitalmx-guyb photo)

Heal-up Tommy, and get back out there,  stronger than ever!


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