Late Breaking . . . News

Finally, a news report about THahn32 current situation.
At least they put up a decent picture.

As reported in MXA – JAN. 20, 2012
Tommy Hahn broke his leg at Phoenix SX and will be out of action until the Motocross Nationals in May.

Bad break for a guy that put literally, everything on the line for each race.
Get stronger for the Outdoors, Tommy.
Tommy Hahn  - ( Photo)
Tommy Hahn in 2012 SX Action – ( Photo)

Since I started this Go Tommy Go Blog, I noticed the MX media outlets are very selective of what they report on. It’s been a week since Tommy broke his leg and Tommy confirmed the break via Twitter post on Sunday 1/15/12, the day after the race. However, it took several days to see one mention of the season ending event for Tommy. I guess Tommy is too small of a player to the MX media that it wasn’t worth reporting. I think the MX media outlets are getting lazy and relying on social media sources do there day to day reporting.

This validates my reasoning to start this blog. I saw a need to report on MX news that goes unreported. Sure there are a bunch of racing forums out there that have a lot of current news/info, but the MX media should report on a wider spectrum of riders besides the current top 5.

I will add more stories about unreported racing on my other blog . . . WheelSpin

Race On . . .


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